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What a week

I've spent most of this week ripping out my hair because of vocal training for chicago the play, my friend sarah is hell bent on me trying out for the part, i'm afraid that you know nerves may cause me to suck at that one important moment. Grrr frustrating,

My play goes up on April 22nd for those of you who live near me come and see it i'll be in a french maids costume for goodness sake, the play may not be fantastic but i'll be damned if my ass ain't :) and its free one more reason to enjoy my ass....

I saw an exflame of mine today, it was interesting i guess he lost a lot of weight and remotely resembled a skeleton. Well he thought i looked pretty good, next time i wont wear a low cut shirt in public again!!!!

Well im off to practice some more vocal stuff and rehearsal lines....

Gwen i love you
Meagan your a pervert!
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