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Dear Diary
Today at work i did nothing and ate two slushes, two donuts, one large cup of chai, and a thing of popcorn. Tomorrows list of things to do sleep until late hours of day, take a long hot bath, destroy the world with my super sexy looks, ex that take over the world with my super hot looks, prepare gwen for the theater, tell my family i love them, and call zack. Practicing my lines is another thing i must do and prepare my audition piece for chicago!

Gwen we should have a lord of the rings night i know that sounds incredibly nerdy and stuff but in the end i think it would be so much fun, better yet chris loves king arthur like we do so we could do a King Arthur night and dress up and create a war or something in my back yard for the hell of it. I don't have a normal social life so i have to make up reasons for people to visit me :)
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